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Big Sandy Cantaloupe!
  Cantaloupe? Grown in Montana? Why yes! We amaze people with our abundant yield of vine-ripened, delicious, and surprisingly large cantaloupe that we take to market every year. In 1998, we started a small cantaloupe business with a couple thousand plants and a hand watering system. Now, we grow in excess of 10,000 plants each year and have greatly improved our methods of watering. Every spring the crew gets together to prepare the field and plant the cantaloupes. In the fall, we hand pick them nearly everyday and deliver them to farmers markets and grocery stores in Big Sandy, Great Falls, Conrad, Havre, Winifred, Lewistown and surrounding areas.


We are very excited to announce, we purchased a planter for the 2012 planting season, and we could not be happier with the results.




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